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Friday, May 11, 2012


One of the things Abi and I enjoy doing is hosting company in our home. Our living in Des Moines (and being off of the night shift) has helped us have more people over in 7 months than we ever did in our year in Rochester. Being so near the crossroads of Interstate 80 and Interstate 35 also helps.

Yesterday, our friend Joe Matthews stopped for the night on his way from Wisconsin to Ashland, NE. Unfortunately I had to work, and due to staffing shortages wasn't able to get any time off last night. However, I was blessed to be able to spend a couple of hours with Joe this morning. We had some good conversation, shared breakfast, and enjoyed fellowship. Time, distance, and circumstances make it difficult for us to see our Wisconsin friends and family, but we're grateful for every opportunity that comes along.

We have a bigger place here than we did in Rochester, I think almost 200 square feet more, and it's great to have extra space for guests. I am definitely looking forward to owning our own house someday, though. Not only would it be nice to have a larger area to raise a family, but it would be great to be able to host company even more easily. One dream I've had is to buy an acreage and put up either one very large house or a house big enough for my family and cottages/cabins for visiting families, with a kitchen/dining area in the main house big enough for a couple dozen or more people to fit comfortably. Hospitality is one of the gifts/passions it seems Abi and I share.

Now it's almost 11 AM, and even though it feels like a Saturday, it's only Friday, so I probably ought to spend a little time with Abi before getting ready for my last night of work this week.

Have a blessed day!