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Sunday, November 6, 2011


Hi there, and welcome to the new Joe Westbrook Experience.

I kinda lost my purpose with the old blog, and so I decided to start fresh. That, and I wanted to change the e-mail address tied to my blog (how's that for a reason?). It was such a little thing, but it was frustrating to be logged in to the blog and have to either log out or run a different browser to log in to different Google functions with my main e-mail address. So now, here I am.

My previous blog ended up being basically just posts about my exercise activities. While I will likely be posting those things again for those who are interested, I don't want that to be my main focus. What I want to be in the habit of is sharing things related to Christianity and encouraging anyone reading this to examine their lives from a standpoint of faith -- if you're already a Christian, I hope what I have to say will be a blessing to you and will lead you to a closer walk with God, and if you're not a Christian, I hope you will consider what I say and begin to think on Jesus Christ as someone more than a man out of history.

I will do my best to answer comments and questions, but you have to realize that working a job that keeps me out of my house for 9 1/2 hours every day and needing to spend time with my wife, Abi, will prevent me at times from getting online. Also, as a courtesy, I ask that even if you think I'm totally off my rocker in anything I say, you keep your comments clean -- not just toward me, but toward anyone else who has commented. I will not tolerate profanity and any such comments will be deleted the second I am aware of them.

With that, I hope you have a blessed day, and enjoy the experience!

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