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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Ride of a Lifetime

The Ride of a Lifetime, by Kitty McGregor
WestBow Press a division of Thomas Nelson
English, 208 pages

Lucas McCade has retired from the PRCA rodeo circuit. Now, he is moving his wife and son, neither of whom he has seen much of for many years as he has spent nine months out of the year on the road, from their Texas home to a working ranch in Oklahoma. McCade has been given a new lease on life after a near-death experience in his last ride, and though he is no Bible scholar, he has a genuine saving faith. His wife, Hannah, is grateful for the time the family will now have to spend together, but his son, Connor, is bitter about being moved away from home after his sophomore year of high school; he has had to leave friends and the joy of the football field behind. Starting over isn't easy for anyone. Despite initially feeling at peace with God over attending a church in the area, Hannah is upset over the show that is being displayed and the lack of genuine faith and conviction. Still feeling that God wants them there, she and Lucas decide to stick it out. However, no one in the family has any idea of what lies below the surface of the area where they now live.

I thought this was a pretty good story overall. I think the writing style was okay, but it lacked some measure of polish. I don't say this because I am some great writer myself, but because things I've had to learn through being published have been hammered into me. One complaint I know Christians will raise is the use of a little bit of swearing. I believe it was only one word used a handful of times, but it will still offend several people, I'm sure. I try to find ways around such language when I write, though I will admit it lends a certain degree of credibility to some characters.

I appreciated that this book tackles the issue of spiritual warfare, something many Christians are happy to ignore. Even I don't think about that area of things too often, potentially to my detriment. It's a fine line to walk, however, because some people see demons around every corner and behind every sin. Believe me, my flesh is bad enough that it doesn't need demonic influence to get me to do things that displease God.

Overall I'd give this book a 3/5. There is a lot of promise, and with the door left open for a sequel, I'm looking forward to seeing where Ms. McGregor might take this story next.

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