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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Couples Who Pray

Note: This is a post from my previous blog.

The title of this book immediately grabbed me as my wife and I have been committed to praying together since before we got married. Granted, I didn't expect that any book would have some incredible, earth-shattering truth contained within, but I thought the book might at least be interesting. 
While I agree that prayer is the most intimate act in which a couple can engage, I found the studies and testimonies did little to reinforce this. There were several couples quoted who I had never heard of, but there were several celebrities quoted, too, and yes, celebrities are people just like the rest of us, but the feeling I got was more of the celebrities being used to sell the book than anything as six celebrity couples were mentioned right on the front cover. 

Probably what alarmed me most was the very sparse use of Scripture (granted, the quizzes in the first appendix mention God and the Bible a couple of times, and the second appendix listed forty circumstances and corresponding verses). The book had the feel of trying to appeal to everyone, that prayer will make the lives of every couple better. I don't discount the power of prayer, but truly effective prayer only works in the lives of Christians. To that end, this book would have been much better served by starting with an evangelistic message. 

The basic message of the book is that if you are married, you should pray with your spouse. 

I'd rate this book at best as a 1/5. 

Note: I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review from BookSneeze.

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